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The Sukiyaki addiction

written by pickie piggie 23rd October 2016

Back in a day I was quite ‘pragmatic’ about food – we eat food, because we have to. Quite a nihilistic approach towards almost the most important part of our life isn’t?

This all changed when I met my wife. Being from Hong Kong she had a much better exposure to a variety of food existing in the world than I… and… despite my stubbornness (and narrow-mindness really) she eventually made me fall in love with eating out and trying new things.

I am still quite a conservative food connoisseur, but if there is one dish that changed my view on food it is sukiyaki in Japan. I absolutely love it, can’t help but desire it on regular basis… and it has some comical effects – my wife says that at no occasion she can see a face expression I make while eating this delicious food… a face of an addict, I guess…

My love for sukiyaki started a few years ago and since then I have tried a number of shops in Japan and Hong Kong. Recently I tasted the local London shop as well and it’s very nice.  I do hope the Japanese quality of beef (look up the beef grades, especially the grade A5) will spread, because there is absolutely no better beef you can even try… the thin slices basically melt in your mouth.

The photos are from my splurging experiences (just showing different kind of beef, not always sukiyaki – pay attention to that wonderful marbling!)…

If you never tried, be careful… once you do, there is no way back!!!

And last, but not least… make sure to soak it in a raw egg right before putting it in your mouth and you will experience a food heaven 🙂


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