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Hunting for Mochi in London

written by pickie piggie 16th July 2017

When you live in different places and travel a lot you develop new habits and fall in love with local cuisine. You also develop a taste for new confectionary.  Today I will look about one such treat – the mochi. This Japanese special is a snack made of a very, very sticky glutinous rice. There are lots of varieties across the whole Japan and it’s one of the most popular sweets there.

Anytime we visit Japan  grabbing some mochi is on our ‘to-do’ list and it’s not a surprise that after moving to Europe we suffer from regular cravings. It’s actually pretty hard to find a good Mochi in London – many of the Asian shops sell a lot of mochi waanabees. They are usually covered with a lot of flour, not sticky enough and taste like an old jelly – not tasty at all.

However, there is hope! Close to Picadilly Circus you can find a branch of the Minamoto Kitchoan shop.


Since the beginning of this year there is even more hope! A few months ago a second branch was opened opposite Charing Cross station:

Both shops are quite exquisite and maintained to a standard familiar for those of you who visited Mitsukoshi or Takashimaya department stores.

The mochi from Minamoto Kitchoan is wonderful and in my opinion is premium quality comparable to the one you can buy while traveling in Japan.

My particular favorite is Sakura mochi, which is available seasonally around Spring.


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